According to a Mackenzie research it’s better by 40 times than facebook.

Email marketing is the number one tool for sales. According to a mackenzie research it’s better by 40 times than facebook and twitter combine.

You may already know that by know.

For me this X40 stat changed my worldview. It’s also changed my entrepreneurial journey online.

After researching for more profe and stat about email I noticed that this is by far the best tools to get people to read what I have to say.

Why it’s the best?

First, as i already told you, it’s the most converting tool, meaning that by making this channel active and for people to wait for you emails, you can sale more products and make your readers happier by giving them more recommandation, if suitable for you tribe or reader.

So a user that are engage with my emails, are 40 times more likely to buy from me than any other campaign and online advertising i create, paid or free traffic.

I am continuing this report by few more emails (surprise!) so all you need to do is to sign in and we will keep on this journey inside you email app.


I am recently quit my day job to be a fully and dedicated entrepenuar with 10 years of trials and errors into discovering the best models to follow, strategies to deploy and tactics to take advantage, my key desire is to simplify what I have found out to a short, simple guide.

my first guide will get you to uncover some hidden, missing factors and strategies inside you business, that by implementing you will see more sales profit and happy customers and readers.

Nir Sharabi

Students say:

Nir’s way of explaining and training is simple to the point and clear. by learning from Nir I tool immidiate actions and saw improvement.

Stranger from my list

The advice and knowledge you share are unique and special i couldn’t find in any other houndreds of youtube tutorials.

Another subscriber