complete marketing & Sells Process so you never have to chase after new clients ever again.

if you want to have a successful business you need to attract you audience and turn them into raving clients that love talking about you.

Proven Strategy

I will teach you a proven way to get your ideal client asking for help...

8 Weeks

Step By Step action plan including recording & live sessions.

Support & Coaching

1 on 1 call each week to keep you out of trouble and on track towrd our goal.


special training to find your next best visitors so you can help more people

Done for you framework to build a successful business

My program is a combination of Done-For-You and Done-With-You coaching and personal mentoring to lead you into mastering your marketing & sells process, without the frustration that follow trying to figure everything by yourself. (with possible not-so-updated guidance.

Why? Time.

the effort requier to build a website that converts visitors to clients can be one out of these three: pay for eveything – and then spend your time trying to learn the system,learn to do eveything – and then you don’t have time to do other things.

By working together we verigy you aren’t getting yourself into trouble and waidting time and moeny  where you shouldn’t.

Perfect Positioning

you will discover how to position yourself as the expert in your space so that you are the go-to person for the value that you provide. You will also get clear on your messaging of who your mastermind group is for, the problem that you solve in the marketplace, and the mechanics of what you will be delivering so that your target market client is naturally attracted to you, instead of you having to go out and chase them.

The Foundation

You will understand everything you need about your website and marketing and sales funnel so you can take smart decisions and use this website as your growth engine.

Powerful Content

you will discover the simple processes for creating powerful content people love to share and also builds a great relationship with your fans and clients.

 When you create powerful content you will stand out above the competition and will win your clients over as raving fans who share all of your stuff with their friends.

"It was the best experience for me!"

Nir has found a simple but powerfull way to
John Little

The hidden gold for getting maximum results is inside your data.

if you are reading this is means that you want to improve something in you business

my mission is helping 100 personal brands in the next 6 month, starting July 2018. i want to help you uncover the parts in you business that drain your (super) powers into wasting time moeny and energy on tasks that aren’t moving the nittle. to get the best results you need to now how and where to digg.


Lets change the question for you:

What is the fast way, a business online can achieve maximum results and optimize from there?

if you want a free conversation with me to talk about your business to reveal some bottleneck points, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call now.

“All men can see these tactics whereby I conqur, but what none can see is the Strategy out of which Victory is evolved” 

– Sun Tuz